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In the United States, we market and support Sophysa and Adeor products. Our main objective is to promote products that improve the effectiveness of treatment for both patients and the medical professional.

Our well-trained and motivated sales team provides impeccable, high-quality service. They effectively promote and support our customers.

Founded in 1976, SOPHYSA was the pioneer in the development of adjustable neurosurgical valves to treat hydrocephalus.

Introduced in 1984, the SOPHY® valve was the first adjustable valve in the world allowing non-invasive adjustment of operating pressures, to match an individual patient’s changing clinical needs.

In 2004, SOPHYSA launched the POLARIS® valve, the first MRI-stable adjustable valve specifically designed to resist against unintentional changes in operating pressure – a milestone in adjustable valve safety.

In 2005, SOPHYSA introduced PRESSIO®, a user-friendly Intra-Cranial Pressure monitoring system for neurosurgery and neurotrauma, bringing continuous intracranial pressure and temperature monitoring to a new level of performance and ease of use.

As a neurosurgery specialist, SOPHYSA manufactures and markets a wide range of neurosurgical implants for the treatment of hydrocephalus, including various types of valves, catheters, reservoirs and accessories, a range of ICP sensors and distributes high quality European brands with custom made Implants and perforators.

Since 1989, Sophysa is part of the Japanese TOKIBO Group.
Administrative and Sales activities are headquartered in Orsay, nearby Paris.
Research and Development activities and production are based in Besançon, the French capital for micro-mechanics.

In the US, SOPHYSA markets its products, through a network of exclusive distributors.


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