Neuromonitoring is a key element for patient management with acute brain damage. Over the last decades, neuromonitoring has evolved from the simple average IntraCranial Pressure (ICP) value measured every hour to the analysis of the signal shape, its evolution in time and the calculation of new indicators, all integrated in a multimodal monitoring.


Sophysa offers a unique solution for the joint continuous measurements of ICP and IntraCranial Temperature (ICT) thanks to the Pressio® 2 ICP Monitor System and of the Pressio® Catheters.
In your system, Pressio® Catheters are connected to the Pressio® 2 ICP Monitor which displays average ICP/ICT values and real-time ICP waveform. It also offers the possibility to transfer ICP and ICT monitoring data either to a patient monitor or to a computer for research purposes, depending on the clinicians’ needs.